10 Expert Cheats to Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

by Esther Agyapong

Don’t you love weddings? Regardless of the nature of your wedding, weddings are indeed a memorable moment for both the couple and their family and friends. The flowers, gorgeous dresses, and fabulous cakes make the experience beautiful. Weddings are also a lovely time to catch up with loved ones and celebrate. 

However, planning a wedding can produce a lot of stress. Many couples have jumped right in, only to find themselves handling a workload they did not expect. Stress planning can take your wedding experience from fun to dreadful if you are not careful.

Your wedding planning experience and celebration can be stress-free and fun with the right tips and tools. Here are the top tips to make your wedding planning process more manageable.

Identify Your Priorities

What kind of wedding would you and your partner like to have? You have to set aside time for this discussion as it is crucial. Knowing your vision for the event will help you understand what to prioritize.

Whatever you decide, it’s usually best to have four priorities you can work towards, which will help you determine your budget. For example, if you picture a fun party with lots of laughter and fun, this could mean prioritizing your guest’s experience. You can also refer back to these priorities when making a tough decision.

Be Organized

Have one big folder or file where you input everything. Some couples eventually do this with their wedding schedule. It should contain the names and contacts of your suppliers and other important details. Being organized will help you feel in control while planning your special day.

Keeping a file is also vital when you want to delegate. You can easily hand it off to the maid of honor, best man, or the day of coordinator. They’ll have all the information required to continue things from where you stopped.

Start Planning Early

Planning your wedding early gives you many opportunities. You even have time to rectify mistakes. Couples who start their wedding planning late often find themselves without many options. Rushing to plan your wedding could mean settling for a wedding that is not up to your standards. The best time to start planning is at least six months, and at most, a year before the wedding date.

Plan with Fun

Engaging and bonding with your partner is one of the advantages of planning your wedding. So, don’t forget to take time to enjoy the moments while planning. Make a celebration out of your planning events, like planning dinner after your engagement photo shoot, and choosing a day to look at venues makes for a bonding moment with your partner. 

Choose the Right Wedding Venue

You’ll see your wedding venue in your pictures for the rest of your life. It’s not a decision to take lightly. There is, however, a simple way to approach it. Know the kind of wedding you want and how many guests you intend to invite. Once you have the answers to the above, you can start your search. Scheduling tours to see how you feel while at the venue is also essential. Just remember to keep your search within your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue and discover that you can’t afford it.

Make Lots of Notes

As mentioned above, a great example is when you go on venue tours. With so much going on, you could forget some important details by the time you get home. So, take notes when talking to your suppliers and visiting venues.

Create A Smart Budget

If things are tight, do your best with what you have. That could mean spending less on wedding favors and the getaway car. However, one thing to pay optimum attention to is your wedding reception. It is where you and your guests will spend most of your time. If you get that right, you will indeed have a fabulous day.

Wedding Catering

To make your catering easier, think of what you would enjoy as a couple and go for that. Letting yourself get caught up in the possible preferences of others might get you in a ditch. Pay attention to dietary preferences but let your choices take center stage. Guests are coming to celebrate you and will love what you provide.

Make Decisions Together

For brides, try not to run around and leave your groom out of planning decisions. Your wedding is a celebration of your future together. His input matters a lot too. Besides, the more personal you can keep your wedding, the more enjoyable it will be for everyone. So, make sure you are both involved.


We’ve left this for last because it is one thing many couples tend to forget. Please ensure you relax before your wedding day. You don’t want to show up looking like you haven’t slept in weeks. A few weeks before your wedding is when you need to hand things over to someone you trust. When you’ve made delegations and booked all vendors, you can leave the planning to someone else. Take some time for yourselves and enjoy maybe a spa date with your bridesmaids. Also, ensure you get a great night’s sleep before your wedding.

In Conclusion

Wedding planning while tasking is vital for the success of your celebration. However, you can have a fun time while planning your wedding. So please feel free to apply the above tips to make things easier and more enjoyable. Best of luck!

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