12 Ultimate Tips for The Perfect Spring Wedding

by Esther Agyapong

Spring is here, and it’s a lovely season for a wedding. It’s the third most popular season for weddings after fall and summer. I especially love the significance of new beginnings that the spring season represents with weddings.

Are you planning to have your wedding in the spring?

Then there are some crucial details to keep in mind. We love to share wedding ideas with couples here at Blissfully Wedded, so we’ll share them with you. Here are 12 valuable tips for couples who want the perfect spring wedding.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Date

Spring is one season with many important holidays and events. Some include Easter, Mother’s Day, Passover, and college graduations. It’s best to choose your wedding date carefully so it does not conflict with your guests.

Make sure to send out your save-the-dates quickly, too, so that guests can add you to their calendars.

Stick to Your Theme

Choosing a great theme and sticking to it is a great way to have a memorable spring wedding. So, ensure you get as creative as possible with your wedding theme. One lovely theme that couples do well with for spring is the Garden wedding theme.

Choose A Great Spring Wedding Venue

Marrying in a venue that showcases the beauty of spring would be such a delight. It’s another reason garden weddings are in high demand in the spring. Picture how beautiful your celebration would be with a backdrop of cherry blossoms in bloom.

The Perfect Spring Wedding Color Palette

Some specific colors and shades say spring. Using them at your wedding is sure to make everything pop. An example is pink, but the possibilities are numerous and beautiful. Use spring colors for your wedding if you can.

The Right Wedding Stationery

Couples choosing to have a spring wedding often go for a watercolor design for their stationery. It’s perfect because you can use colors like green, orange, and blue to enthrall guests. You could also choose a garden.

Spring Wedding Fashion

Spring is the perfect time for florals as embroidery or appliques. So, when choosing your wedding dress, you should consider these designs. Female guests will undoubtedly look gorgeous as they rock dresses with floral patterns at your wedding.

Your Wedding Flowers

The best flowers to work with for your spring wedding are flowers that are in season. Take the opportunity to use new options for your bouquets, centerpieces, and more. Feel free to get as creative as you want.

Spring Wedding Ceremony Décor

The key to your spring ceremony décor is to keep things simple. They’ll be no need to go overboard, especially if you choose a great wedding venue. Make good use of wreaths and flower walls where necessary. For your reception, airy linens and other simple touches should do just fine.

Have A Plan B

For an outdoor wedding in the spring, have an alternative plan, especially if it rains. So have a weather backup plan arranged. Be ready to give yourselves and guests cover if the skies open up.

Outdoor-Themed Wedding

For couples having an indoor spring wedding, use natural spring décor for your celebration. You don’t want to miss out on the organic appeal that this season gives. Your wedding will be more memorable for it.

Spring Wedding Menu

Give the nod to the season with your wedding menu and drinks too. Ask your caterer to add that seasonal flavor to your meals for the best results. With your drinks, you can have some floral cocktails and other spring-themed drinks.

Have Lots of Games

Games are a great addition to your spring wedding, especially cocktail hour. So, if possible, have some lawn games at your celebration. It’ll amp up the fun for kids (if available) and adults too.

In Conclusion

Spring weddings are fabulous and beautiful. Incorporating the season into your celebration is one way to make it memorable and fun. With the above ideas, you can successfully acknowledge spring during your wedding alongside personalization. Best of luck!

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