3 Avoidable Wedding Day Disasters and How to Handle Them

by Esther Agyapong

Have you ever watched a movie where the couple spends all that time planning only for something to go wrong on their wedding day? Who are we kidding? Most wedding movies follow this trend. One minute the couple is smiling down the aisle, and the next, there’s some disaster to be managed.

One thing every planner will tell you is that no matter how hard you try, something will happen. The best way to handle wedding day disasters is to plan against or have a solution.

Mishaps can occur during a wedding. Here’s our list of three avoidable wedding day disasters and expert tips on handling them.

  • When the Weather Says No

Every couple planning an outdoor wedding is advised to have a plan B. Clear sky give your celebration the perfect atmosphere and make for gorgeous wedding day pictures.

So, what happens when you notice rain clouds or scorching weather? There’s no need to panic, especially if you’ve planned around this. Your event planners and wedding venue will know how to swiftly move guests to the second venue or keep them cool.

Have a plan for securing enclosed tents or another venue if it rains. Also, using a simple prop such as clear umbrellas could make for the most romantic wedding day pictures under the drizzle. Or your photographer could find fabulous indoor spots for your photos—like a winding staircase or a magnificent fireplace.

Sunscreen, iced drinks, parasols, and handheld fans could do the trick for scorching conditions. Having, a plan B, will help you develop something creative to solve any problem.

  • Flower Problems

We think that one of the reasons that flower mishaps happen at weddings is that they are time-sensitive and very fragile. Having to handle fresh blooms, for example, can be challenging. You’ll have to be very careful, and without an experienced florist, you might get into trouble.

For instance, if a bride forgets their petal confetti on their wedding day, although minor, it could have a significant effect on her wedding photography. A solution will be to find flowers nearby and shred them.

In another situation, the bride left her bouquet in the rental wedding car. Luckily her wedding venue had an artificial bouquet ready as a backup. Knowing that things like these could happen helps you prepare against them.

Another example is a big wind knocking over all your flower installations and setup. Have the florist or designer on standby and call them in case this scenario occurs. You’ll be surprised how efficiently they could solve a mishap like this, especially when working with an experienced professional.

  • Wardrobe Malfunctions

You may not believe it, but after shelling out all that money, it is possible to have a wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day. But we’ve seen it all, from loose seams to troublesome zips and red wine spills. It can be scary to navigate these because they tend to happen when you have little time.

Safety pins, needles and threads, and stain removers have often done the magic. Therefore experts advise that an emergency kit is part of your wedding day accessories—having some adhesives, rags, and extra hair accessories can also be helpful.

For instance, if red wine spills over the bride’s dress just before her wedding day photoshoot. Pour a generous amount of soda water and use a non-colored cloth to clean. Soda water is a magic potion for this. It will remove the stain and rand make it unnoticeable.

In Conclusion

Despite all your meticulous planning, it is possible to have one or two issues show up on your wedding day. The key to handling wedding disasters effectively is to keep an open mind and have supportive people around you. With these, you could fix the issue before it takes away the joy of your wedding day. Best of luck!


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