3 Common wedding decoration mistakes

decoration mistakes

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It takes a lot of time and effort to put up a great wedding décor, and wedding decor blunders may have a negative impact on the whole event!

Couples, with the help of wedding vendors, put up their best effort to ensure that everything goes according to plan on the most important day of their lives. They also get assistance from the internet or weddings they’ve been to and use the ideas as inspiration. Despite all this, couples often wind up making enormous blunders in the thick of the commotion. Several distinct aspects come together to make up the overall look and feel of the room, but lack of proper knowledge and experience make things go wrong.

Let’s explore 3 common wedding decoration blunders:

· Paying too much or no attention to wedding décor

Paying too much attention or avoiding everything, both are décor blunders both extremes may destroy your event!

Many brides-to-be start thinking about a non-standard palette for the party or conceive of a distinctive theme. The attention to detail is vital but should not become obsessive. Sometimes it’s vital to accept that not all ideas can be realized. Yes, a beautiful décor will make you happy, and his one mistake can ruin your most important day . worrying about it will likely disrupt your mood, enjoyment, and happiness on this particular day.

Sadly, this error is more widespread than the first. If you’re willing to ignore the design’s aesthetics and don’t mind the ornamentation in general, then don’t sweat it. Remember that the wedding is almost the most important occasion in your life and that you should pay attention to the design.

·  A lack of individuality and consistency in design

Don’t follow Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding magazines blindly and avoid mixing styles and decorations. Decor  blunders and all of its aspects must adhere to the overall design idea, style, color, or theme of the wedding. For newlyweds, wedding décor is a way to exhibit their uniqueness. It is essential to separate your wedding from those of your friends and family members. You and your partner should be reflected in the design for your wedding. To make it seem like your special day, your wedding décor should reflect your individuality.

· Never neglect lighting

Lighting is undeniably an essential part of wedding décor.
Every wedding vendor knows that an intelligent lighting system can transform a modest wedding banquet into a spectacular event. However, most people avoid lighting nooks and crannies and focus on the main space. You must know the banquet hall’s lighting and what extra lighting is preferable and incorporate items like candles, lanterns, fairy lights, chandeliers, LED, halogen lights, etc.

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