4 Fall Trends for Female Guests in wedding ceremonies

4 Fall Trends for Female Guests in wedding ceremonies

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While spring and summer are most popular for weddings ceremonies it doesn’t mean fall and winter wedding ceremonies don’t happen. We’re in the fall right now, and if you have been invited to a wedding, you definitely want to make the most out of it and look really great.

Are there some fall trends you could incorporate into your attire as a wedding guest? The answer is yes and here at Blissfully Wedded and Qesty events we love to share some of these trends with you. Here are four great fall wedding events dressing ideas you can choose from for a wedding.


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  • Ruffled Dresses

Ruffles aren’t delicate this year – they’re bold, frequently asymmetrical, and quite daring by nature. If you want a dress that will surely flatter you and amaze everyone else at the wedding events, opt for a ruffled one. From inexpensive options to the more expensive ones, there’s something for pretty much everyone out there, so be sure to check out this trend at least.

  • Velvet Dresses

Velvet has made a serious comeback a couple of years ago – and ever since then, it has continued to grow in popularity. Sexy, mysterious, and yet classy and feminine, this fabric can instantly make even the simplest black dress look special. There are many ways to wear a velvet dress, so, again, you have enough options to be able to decide on something that’s suitable for you in your wedding ceremonies.

  • Yellow Dresses

Yellow is the color of fall – so it makes all the sense in the world that yellow dresses would be a “thing” during this season. They come in a pretty generous range of shades, so you can surely find something that will match your complexion and make you feel really amazing wearing it  in your wedding event.

  • Patterned Dresses

Some people may think flowery dresses are just for spring and summer – but there’s plenty of room for them in wintertime as well. In fact, dark flowery patterns are a pretty huge trend right now and you can definitely incorporate it into a fall wedding event as a guest (as long as the wedding isn’t very formal, which probably means you won’t be able to wear any kind of pattern). Don’t be afraid to embrace this trend – it’s really amazing, actually!

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