4 General Tips for Planning A Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings are out of the norm but can be a great option for a couple on a budget. It is off-season so you will most likely get discounts from locations and vendors that will help keep your budget and bank accounts safe.

Winter weddings differ from weddings in the other three seasons in areas like fashion, time and even food. We know and care because here at Blissfully Wedded, we are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest trends.

As we bundle up for the cold season we thought we’d drop our 2 cents on winter weddings for those who might be thinking of having one. You’ll also find lots of other winter and Christmas wedding tips here on our blog.

  • Lower Costs

We’ve already spoken about this in the opening paragraph but it’s worth talking more on. Winter weddings cost less generally. This is usually because of the discounts you’d get for it being offseason. There’s a simple logic to it really.

One is that locations especially love to be in use year-round and to attract your patronage. During the winter they don’t get too much of that. So, to balance out, they’d be sure to give some juicy discounts. The same goes for vendors too.

PS: Things might have switched around a bit due to this pandemic however so don’t just assume but ask.

  • Many Brides Go for Long-Sleeved Dresses

While A-Line dresses are the most popular style for wedding dresses in winter, most brides are also going for sleeves because of the weather. Long-sleeved dresses are amongst the most popular dress styles for winter weddings, after ball gown styles. Lacy dresses also make the top five count.

  • The Colors

Pastels are out and rich, darker colors are in during winter. While blue remains the most popular color throughout the year, including winter, a lot more reds come into winter weddings.

In fact, reds go from the fifth most popular color year-round to the second most popular color in winter. Burgundy, in particular, is the shade of the season with many winter weddings going for this color.

  • The Themes

Regardless of the weather, rustic weddings are still very popular among couples getting married in winter. This is quite surprising; however, the indoor kinds are more popular during this time of the year.

Classic and traditional weddings are also really popular during winter. So, we get to see that weddings are often held at large reception centers with indoor areas. Romantic, contemporary and glamorous are also popular winter wedding styles.

  • In Conclusion

You are not alone if you’re considering a winter wedding. It comes with many advantages and you can have a memorable time. So, feel free to check with us for important tips as you plan and keep an open mind. Best of luck!

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