6 Elopement Wedding Planning Tips

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So, you’ve decided to elope. Great choice! Elopements are becoming more popular as more couples throw off the shackles of traditions and decide that the love between two people is more than enough for a ceremony.
Whatever your reason, elopements have become commonplace this year. So, we’re not surprised you’re planning one. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while you plan your elopement wedding.

• Do Not Joke with Your Planning

It won’t be as elaborate and stressful as the planning of a traditional wedding, but you will still need some planning. For example, you’ll need to pick a location. You’ll also need to contact vendors like your photographer, videographer, officiant, and bridal store of course.
• Research
Legal requirements for weddings differ depending on the city, state, and country where you are. Some places may request a simple marriage license. Others could ask for a premarital blood test, witnesses, and a waiting period before you can officially say your vows.
There are even places that allow you to self-solemnize your marriage, meaning you don’t need an officiant to make it official. Find out which applies to the location of your elopement.

• Spend Strategically

While eloping is a fantastic way to save money, it does not mean that you need to skimp on everything. A few strategic splurges here and there could help to make this day more memorable. Just because it’s an elopement does not mean that it isn’t special.

  • Telling Your Loved Ones

Your closest family and friends should be aware of your elopement almost immediately after the ceremony. If you can’t share the news in person, a phone call can suffice. Whatever you do, don’t only send the news in a text. It is way too personal to be delivered that way.

  • Send Out A Formal Announcement

After informing those close to you, you can then send out information through photo cards or a post. This is so that anyone else you would have normally invited to a ‘traditional’ wedding will be aware. Some couples also decide to hold a post elopement celebration. If you decide to do the same, you can include details of that in your announcement.

  • Should You Have A Registry?

if you’re not having an actual reception after your ceremony, you probably shouldn’t. Ultimately, however, it depends on you. A nice modest registry with reasonably priced gifts that people can use to say congrats would not be out of the question, though.

  • In Conclusion

Elopement weddings can be private, intimate and very special. All you have to do is plan it right. Please keep in mind that although the stress is less, you’ll still have to put things in place for the success of your wedding.

Best of luck!!!

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