9 Christmas Wedding Ideas

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Are you planning a Christmas wedding? We’d love to help! There are many lovely ideas that you can incorporate to make your celebration memorable. For a great Christmas wedding, the key is to keep things simple while adding Christmas to your wedding details. Here are some fantastic Christmas wedding ideas to make your celebration better.

  • Christmas Wedding Stationery

For your Christmas wedding stationery, you should work with the standard Christmas design themes. Make use of greens and reds but also add some earth tones and metallics for a luxury look. You can use these on your save the dates, menus, and place cards. They’ll make them stand out but don’t also forget to include your personal style.

  • Walking Down the Aisle

Your wedding aisle décor can showcase Christmas in many beautiful ways. From using mistletoe to Christmas trees and wreaths, the options are endless. You can also include bows and ribbons in that bright red that say Christmas.

  • Christmas Wedding Reception Décor

We love reception décor because it’s a chance to personalize and create a space of your dreams. To incorporate the Christmas spirit, aim to bring the outside in. That means using evergreens, pine cones, naked pines, and even faux snow where possible. You can also make use of cold blue lighting and lots of whites for the winter wonderland effect.

  • Table Settings

There are two ways to go with your Christmas wedding tables. It can be busy with lots of eye-catching details for excitement. You can also have a clean table with lots of room that encourages conversations. Whichever way you choose, make use of mint, cinnamon, candles, and white linens for the best effect at your tables.

  • Festive Cocktails

For Christmas, eggnog and wine are the first drinks that come to mind. However, most couples avoid eggnog because it might not agree with guests’ stomachs and isn’t too durable. You can also include a signature cocktail mix that reminds you both of Christmas.

  • Christmas Cookies

For this, have your cookies cut in ways that represent Christmas. It could be a Christmas tree, gingerbread man, a tree ornament, or even a snowman. Guests will love snacking on these throughout the night, and they’ll look fantastic in pictures.

  • Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

To get the best Christmas wedding cake, have your baker work with white frosting. You can then adorn in designs that remind you of Christmas, like pinecones, mistletoe, and cranberries. You can also make your cake red velvet and add some greens to the design.

  • Snacks Ideas

Chocolate is a favorite at weddings and works for Christmas weddings too. You can also have cookie pops and gingerbread men. Healthy Christmas snack alternatives could be fruits, but you could have them creatively stacked to go with the theme. A snowman-shaped design or even fruits in Santa’s shape works. You could also use dishes designed with the Christmas theme to make it more authentic.

  • Christmas Wedding Favors Ideas

Finally, what do you send guests home with at a Christmas wedding? There are so many options because it’s Christmas! You could try DIY items or work with the traditional personalized wedding gifts. You could also send guests home with Christmas and wedding-themed ornaments. It’s a brilliant idea as they’ll never forget your celebration when they put it on the tree at Christmas.

  • In Conclusion

You can have a beautiful wedding that reminds you and your loved ones of the good Christmas cheer. Using the right décor, menu, and even wedding favor ideas will play a massive part in this. The above ideas are a great place to start, but feel free to include any other that you think of and be open-minded. Best of luck!!!

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