Check Out The Biggest Wedding Trends Of 2022

by Esther Agyapong

When planning your wedding, knowing current trends is a great practice. You could find some lovely ideas to help make your wedding experience better. We’re getting to the end of the year 2022, and there’s been some beautiful trends so far. Want to know what they are? Then get ready. Below are the biggest wedding trends of 2022.

Bridal Rooms

Bridal rooms have become one of the most used trends this wedding season. Brides are now decorating their bridal rooms with florals that accentuates and compliments their wedding gowns and accessories. Some brides choose to go for simple room designs with balloons and ” bridal signs. Others go all out for their bridal rooms by using stunning floral arrangements and backdrops. Decorating your bridal suite helps set the stage for the wedding and allows the bride to relax while taking pictures in their gorgeous robes.

Gorgeous Tropical Flowers

Weddings are coming back with more color in 2022, and we love it, especially regarding flowers. We’re seeing more orchids, birds of paradise, anthuriums, colored Pampas grass, and all-white wedding florals.

Sustainable Wedding Décor and Fashion

2022 saw a considerable increase in brides choosing to sell their wedding dresses after the wedding and many brides-to-be are choosing to buy these wedding gowns. The same trend also occurs in wedding décor as couples decide to reuse and recycle. We say yay, sustainability is a win-win for everyone and the environment.

Grooms Fashion

Gone are the days when the groom left his suit purchase to the last minute and hurriedly had it done. This 2022, we’re seeing grooms and groomsmen be more intentional about their fashion choices. The results are doing wonders for wedding photos too.

Bride’s Fashion

Short wedding dresses are on the rise, and they’ll continue to be for a while. Colored wedding dresses have also become popular this year and look stunning. More brides are choosing to wear lilacs, pale pinks, and very light blues for their special day. We also see lots of frills and ruffles.

Fabulous Headwear

We’re seeing metallic crowns, hair slides, and gorgeous hats for weddings this year. We love that this trend is not only for the couple. Wedding guests are taking advantage of it, too, and the results are lovely.

Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Picture having your first dance under the stars. You’re in luck because outdoor wedding receptions and dance floors are on the rise this year. So, pick a venue with the suitable space for your celebration.

Anniversary Receptions

Due to the pandemic, many couples chose to have a sequel wedding in 2020 and 2021. As a result, we’re seeing the second half of those weddings, which include loved ones this year. Most couples choose to do this on their anniversary date hence the name “Anniversary Receptions.”

Mixed Wedding Parties

Gone are the days of strictly male groomsmen and female bridesmaids. Couples are adding more sexes to the mix this year. We’re not only seeing groomsmaids and bridesmen; pets are joining in too. This 2022 wedding trend is another of our favorites.

The Bridgeton Wedding Theme

Have you seen the Netflix wonder Bridgeton yet? Who are we kidding? You most likely have. It’s no surprise that this series’ colors, elegance, and beauty are influencing weddings this year. We can’t wait to see more of the blues, elegant cakes, and breathtaking florals.  

Exceptional Entertainment

For 2022, couples are going out of their way to make their wedding more memorable with entertainment. So, we’re seeing some extraordinary additions rather than the regular wedding entertainment of food and music. These include acrobats, flame throwers, and more.

Wedding Gift Registries

There’s been an increase in the number of couples with wedding registries this year. Gift registries make it easier for guests to be more intentional with their gifts. Couples are also accepting contributions to beautiful experiences like their honeymoon or even charities of their choice.  

In Conclusion

Incorporating wedding trends into your celebration is a great way to make it memorable. There are many options a couple can choose from this year; hence choosing a trend you love is vital. Always go for something you think represents you and your partner. Best of luck!

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