How to Choose the Right Wedding Songs

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One of the most popular forms of wedding entertainment is wedding music. You cannot have a memorable and fun wedding without the right songs. They play a significant role in your celebration. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right wedding music for your playlist.

So how do you choose? At your wedding, you’ll need music from when you walk down the aisle till when you drive off into the sunset. But there are so many options available. Luckily, we have some great tips that could help. So, here’s how to pick the perfect songs for your wedding music playlist.


  • Think Outside the Box

No rule says you have to go with the norm for your wedding music. Personalization will always be a win at weddings. So, when it comes to personal moments like walking down the aisle or your first dance, think of what you like.

A great place to start is by thinking of what represents you as a couple. However, this doesn’t mean choosing a romantic number from Ed Sheeran, or Maroon Five is a bad idea. Just make sure it speaks to you both.

You can then incorporate activities like a table dance-off and dance battles for the rest of your playlist. They’ll help to get all guests excited and involved.


  • Know When You’ll Need Music at Your Wedding

In the weeks of planning, your chosen wedding band or wedding DJ will help with this. They’ll talk you through the kind of music that would be appropriate. If you’re yet to speak to them, however, here’s a general guide from us. It’ll help you go into your meeting prepared . Please note that this is a general list and is subject to the kind of wedding you’re having.


  • The Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, most couples need music about twice. The first is when the service is about to start. It helps to signal to guests to get seated and get ready. It could be soft music accompanied by an announcement if there’s a need for that. The next point is during the wedding march and when the bride walks down the aisle. The kind of music that you use here will depend on what you both like. You could, however, ask your wedding DJ or band for pointers.


  • Cocktail Hour

You’ll likely be away taking your wedding day portraits, but guests need to be entertained. So soft music that allows for conversation and mingling is the best for this point. Most DJs or bands choose to play instrumentals at this point.


  • The First Dance

During your first dance, the perfect song is one that you and your partner like. Choose a romantic number that you feel represents your relationship. If you don’t have one in mind already, you could start by looking at genres you both like. Then narrow it down to a number you can both relate to. You could also use lyrics.


  • The Reception

It is usually best to let your DJ or wedding band have free rein for your reception wedding music playlist. They’ll know how to get your guests excited based on their experience. They’ll also know when to keep it on the low so that everyone can focus on other important things.


  • During the Meals

Most wedding musicians go for low-tempo numbers at this point. This is because some conversations usually happen at this point. No one wants guests yelling to be heard while eating. So, they’ll keep it classy, and on the low, so everyone can have a good time while eating.


  • At Dancing Time

When it’s time for the dance floor to be full, it’s probably best to go for popular songs. People are more likely to dance if they hear a fun song that they’re familiar with. So, you’ll get a mix of timeless classics, recent popular songs, and more.


  • Have a “Don’t Play” Wedding Music Playlist

Most times, just before your wedding, your entertainer will send you a complete list of the songs you’ll hear. Feel free to request a change if you see something that brings bad memories that you’d rather not hear. It’s your wedding; you should have good vibes all day.


  • In Conclusion

Picking the best songs for your wedding music playlist is vital if you want a successful celebration. The tips above will help you make choices that you’ll love and be proud of and surf for more . So what songs do you immediately think of when you picture your wedding party?

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