How to Start Planning Your Wedding After Getting Engaged

by Esther Agyapong

Congrats on your engagement! Are you ready to start planning your wedding yet? The first steps to follow for this year are the basic ones. Start with a budget, work on your guest list, choose a location and a date, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to move fast. Couples who postponed their weddings will be doing the same this year. You’ll have some competition.

We love to help newly engaged couples here at Blissfully Wedded. Feel free to check our blog for valuable tips on almost all aspects of wedding planning. In the meantime, here is essential information for planning your wedding after getting engaged in 2022.

Start with The Basics

Your wedding basics will always remain the same; Your budget, your guest list, wedding venue, and wedding date. These are the essential details to sort out and find answers to first. Your planning can then process hitch free from there.

For your budget, you and your partner need to know how much you’re ready to spend on your wedding. Once you do, you can assign costs based on your research. You can also confirm if parents and other loved ones will pitch in. The goal is to know how much money you can spend on your wedding.

Once that is sorted, it’s time to work on your wedding guest list. For a wedding in 2022, you’ll need to pick a suitable date if you want your loved ones to be around, especially if you have family coming in from far away.

For your wedding date, experts usually advise you to first think of the season you’d love to get married. This information allows you to be more flexible with the date when you find a wedding venue. Please note that you can also have a beautiful weekday wedding. Ask about weekdays if your favorite wedding venue is booked for the weekend you want.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Where you say your vows is very important. If you have a wedding theme already, it should also influence the kind of wedding venue that you choose. The location selected also depends on your vision for your celebration. Do you want an indoor or outdoor space?

Once you know what you need, it’s time to carry out your search. Make a list of potential venues you can narrow down based on how you feel when visiting. We also advise you to keep your search within your wedding venue budget range.

When you visit, pay attention to your venue’s vibe, look and feel. Can you see yourself and your loved ones celebrating your union there? Only choose a venue you and your partner agree will work for your celebration.

Hiring the Right Vendors

After choosing your wedding venue, it’s time to gather your special team. The main vendors are your wedding planner, wedding photographer, and caterer. These are the people who will help plan the wedding of your dreams.

After these, you can find a celebrant, florist, wedding musician, and rental company. The vendors you choose to work with will depend on your vision for your wedding. Your wedding venue may also have some trusted suppliers and vendors; hence do ask for a list of vendors from your venue. 

When choosing a wedding vendor, setting up a meeting before you do is important. At this meeting, you can see how well you would work together. Make sure to only work with a vendor you trust and are comfortable around.

In Conclusion

Planning a wedding after your engagement in 2022 can be a stress-free and exciting process. Best of luck! We’ve discussed most tips to get you on the right path above. You can also check our blog for more information and guidance.


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