Important Trends to Keep in Mind for A Spring Wedding

by Esther Agyapong

Spring is one of the best seasons to have your wedding. With the right inspiration, couples
can plan a fabulous celebration for themselves and their loved ones.

Are you planning to have a spring wedding?

Then here are some important trends to keep in mind for 2022.

  • Popular Spring Wedding Themes 

 The three kinds of popular weddings in the spring are rustic, outdoor, and garden weddings.
These wedding locations are popular because spring is known for blooming flowers.
Gorgeous florals are a constant for the three themes mentioned above. Couples can easily
incorporate the natural landscape and flowers into their celebration.
Traditional and classic weddings are also popular in the spring because they work well with
blooms that the season is known for.

  • Trendy Spring Wedding Color Scheme

Lighter colors are the most popular choice for couples having a spring wedding. White, gold,
and blush looked wonderful in décor, so couples tend to use them. Platforms like Instagram
have also made using these shades in the spring famous.

  • Popular Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

The most popular flowers for spring weddings are Roses, baby’s breath, and peonies. Roses
speak romance, so they always add an elegant atmosphere to a spring wedding. Using flowers
in season for your celebration is a great way to stay on budget.
Couples planning a spring wedding also use Ranunculus, anemone, Irises (especially the
purple ones), and tulips. Hydrangeas are also very popular for weddings.
Ferns are popularly used as greenery for spring weddings. They are stunning additions with
their bright greens and feathery-shaped leaves. Ferns are also easy to care for and maintain.
They’ve been inhabiting the earth for over 300 million years; how cool is that?!

  • Trendy Ways To Use Flowers At Your Spring Wedding

Firstly, the regular use of flowers for centerpieces, buttonholes, and bouquets will always be
in style. They are the most popular ways to use flowers at a wedding. Some people even
consider them as trusted wedding traditions.
Flowers are, however, finding more uses in spring weddings during the ceremony. For
example, we’re seeing more gorgeous hanging installations. They look fabulous, and we
cannot get enough of them. We also love the new use of flowers for spring cake wedding

  • Popular Wedding Trends That Are In For Spring 2022

In 2022 we’re seeing an increase in the number of hanging installations that couples have at
their wedding. More weddings are using them for both their wedding ceremony and
reception. Floral arbors, while still popular, seem to be giving way to this new trend for
spring. However, we think arbors will remain popular for fall and winter weddings this year,
but that remains to be seen.
Eco-friendly weddings are also rising for 2022, and we’re seeing this show with spring
weddings. More couples are adding eco-friendly elements to their celebration, which is
lovely. It’s easier for spring weddings too because everything is in bloom.
Some of the great eco-friendly practices we’re seeing include using dried petals as confetti.
We also see couples using seasonal flowers and foods for their celebration. We love the
increase in this trend. It’s about time we all paid more attention to our environment and
Greenery is, however, the most popular trend for spring weddings this year because they add
such a lovely touch to celebration and décor.

In Conclusion
Keeping trends in mind when planning your spring wedding is a great way to ensure that your
celebration is a success. With trends, you can plan an event that you and your guests enjoy.
So, will you be adopting any of the above trends for your celebration

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