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How Wedding Gown Trends Will Change in 2023

by Esther Agyapong

This year is ending, and we’re excited about what next year holds. It’s one of the things we love about this industry. Trends come, and they go. We also have some things that will always be trendy. They are known as timeless trends. Having a trendy wedding is one of the ways to ensure that your celebration is memorable. Knowing what is trending now is crucial if you plan to have your wedding in 2023. It’ll help you make the right choices early and lead to the success of your celebration. When it comes to wedding gowns, we’ve seen some very stunning ones this year. Based on this year and recent bridal choices, wedding industry experts can often successfully predict wedding gown trends. So, we’re also excited to see what 2023 will bring.

Ball Gowns

Have you always pictured looking like a princess at your wedding? Ball gowns allow you to do just that. So, we’re not surprised that brides have always loved this trend and that it was popular in 2022. In 2023, ball gowns will continue to look straight out of a fairytale with this trend. We’ll also see add-ons like floral embellishments, ruffled ties, and sweetheart bodices. We can’t wait to see how popular this trend will get and what brides do with it.

Bridal Suits

We love bridal suits, and many brides who had their wedding in 2022 did too. Who wouldn’t want to go for this figure-flattering, badass and modern trend? Bridal suits are also the answer if you want to have unhindered fun at your celebration. In 2023, bridal suits will feature additions like oversized bows and trains to make them more spectacular. Brides will also choose crop tops to be more on the edgy side. All in all, the bridal suit trend is relaxed, comfortable, and perfect for fun-loving brides.

Colored Wedding Gowns

In 2022, we saw a lot of beautiful colored wedding dresses. Brides looked fabulous in colors like pastel blue and pale pink. This is a trend that experts say will continue into 2023 because of the lovely touch it adds to weddings. For 2023 however, brides will go for more of the pastel blue shade. Pale pink was the color of choice in 2022. We love this switch to blue because it can also double as your “Something Blue” for your wedding. Pastel blue is also a very fashion-forward color.



We’ve seen florals play a lovely role in wedding gown designs. Experts predict we’ll see more of this trend in 2023 with some additions. Some of these will include embroidery and colorful prints. We’ll also see some 3-d flower designs on display. Florals are fabulous if you’re having a wedding in the summer, fall, or spring. They are a modern trend that we are glad will continue into 2023. To ensure that you get the best look with this trend, you can keep your other accessories simple.

High Slits

If you want to elongate your frame, show some leg and look fabulous on your wedding day, go for a wedding dress with a high slit. There is a certain appeal that a wedding gown with a high slit give. It is just the perfect balance between modern and sexy. In 2023, brides will use this style to turn on their femme fatale vibe. It can appear in a curve-skimming sheath dress for more sexiness or in a ball gown as an unexpected twist. We can’t wait to see what our brides do with this trend.

Sleeves to Necklines

We’ve seen a lot of brides wear oversized sleeves in 2022. This trend was a nod to the timeless vintage energy we’ve all come to love for weddings. In 2023, this love of oversized sleeves will experience a shift to necklines.

Asymmetrical and straight necklines will be popular in the coming year, which is another blast from the past. We’ll also see mock necklines, another timeless spin that will help brides look regal and gorgeous.  

Short Wedding Dresses

Trends have shown that relaxed weddings are still on the rise, along with short wedding gowns. They fit with the vibe of these weddings and allow brides to show off their gorgeous wedding shoes.

For 2023, we’ll continue to see brides wear short wedding dresses because brides are taking more risks with their weddings rather than sticking with the norm. However, for brides who want a traditional dress for their wedding, you can still use a short dress for your reception. You can also wear your short wedding dress with a coat for a more formal look.

In Conclusion

Did you find a trend you’ll love to try for your wedding in this list? Many of the wedding dress trends for 2023 will continue from what brides did in 2022. Experts say we’ll also see some additions to keep the gowns trending with the times.


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