Wedding Guests Do’s & Don’ts

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Weddings are special – not only for the couple and their families but for all wedding guests too. These wedding parties and receptions may be a great time catching up on old times with old friends and celebrating with family members.

Simply by failing to respond by the stated date, you run the danger of being one of the worst wedding guests ever. So don’t show up with an unwanted plus one, and don’t phone the bride the morning of the wedding to confirm the start time and location. An excellent wedding guest is punctual, low-maintenance, and considerate.

Be focused on your role as a wedding guest because this is not your day to shine, so concentrate on honoring your buddy with love, attention, and pleasant words.

These ten strategies can help you become the best wedding guest possible:


  • Never ignore the RSVP deadline & be punctual:

The couple usually makes it easy for you to RSVP by accepting online RSVPs or supplying a response card and stamped mail. The least you can do is inform them and add the RSVP deadline to your calendar or set a phone reminder as soon as the invite arrives.

Notably, it is easy to underestimate the commencement time of a wedding ceremony, especially if the bride is expected to be late. Make a plan and allot a half-hour extra than you think you’ll need.

  • Follow the guest’s list demands strictly:

Don’t complain or demand a plus one if they can accommodate extra people. Remember that the pair has worked hard on their guest list and are dealing with challenging considerations like capacity and money before you send an impetuous text to the bride. Don’t ask to bring your kids if the invitation-only specifies adults unless you’re nursing a new baby.

  • Keep your phone away:

When the couple is at the ceremony, they want to see your faces. This cannot be done while you are hiding behind your phone screen. Surely it’s tempting to pull out your camera and take some gorgeous shots of your own, but it is better to leave this task to the official photographer. Just enjoy the experience without worrying about being continuously checked in online.

  •  Be particular with your selection of wedding gifts:

While selecting a wedding gift, always look out for the couple’s preferences. You shouldn’t feel pressured to overspend. Your budget, connection with the bride or groom, and taste all play a role. It is better to ask the couple what they want as their wedding gift or cash in an envelope is the perfect gift.


  •  Follow the dress code:

A long white dress is out, and short white dresses should be styled properly, but there’s no need to get worked up about it. Simply follow the dress code on your invitation, and you may also Google the location to get a feel for the ambiance.

If the invitation just indicates the wedding will be formal or informal, several items should be ruled out. Never wear:

  1. Costumes, unless specifically requested.
  2. Too-slim or too-provocative clothing.
  3. Any jewelry that draws attention to your religion while attending another faith’s service.
  4. Jeans, but if the wedding is informal, you may wear blue jeans and T-shirts.
  5. Indoors, formal or semiformal shoes, and sunglasses (except for a legitimate medical reason)
  • Enjoy drinks responsibly

Being bar-adjacent for 14 hours makes it difficult to control your drink consumption, particularly if the couple has been generous. If you’re afraid of overdoing it, prepare beforehand. Commit to avoiding drinking for one hour of the day or team up with a friend to make every second drink a glass of water.

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