Bridal Underwear: What to Wear Under Your Dream Dress on Your Wedding Day

by Esther Agyapong

Congrats on finding the wedding dress of your dreams. Next up is finding the right accessories and, more importantly, the right underwear to go with them. Please remember that you might have to do some trial and error to get it right. However, using the tips in this article can help make things easier. Bridal underwear will affect how you look in your dress. So, make sure you choose something that works not only for your body type but for the style of your dress. Below are essential tips on finding the shapewear, bra, and underwear to use for your wedding.

  • Your Dress Style

Yes, we know we mentioned it before, but it’s important, so we included it again. Be mindful of your dress and silhouette when shopping for bridal underwear. For example, a bra with traditional straps will not work for a strapless wedding gown. A strapless bra or a corset could be the best option for cases like this, and brides wearing a form-fitting wedding dress should also go for seamless underwear. That way, you won’t have a visible panty line obscuring the beauty of your wedding day look.

  • Comfort

Comfort is a priority for all your wedding garments. Remember that this is what you might be spending the entirety of your wedding day in. Hence, it would be best if you went for something that makes you feel confident, supported, and comfortable. Also, for some ladies, a bodysuit or high-waist undies work best. Others might have to forgo shapewear altogether. The decision must rest on what makes you feel comfortable on your special day. 

  • Be Practical

You’ll have plenty of time to get into pretty lingerie for your wedding night. For your wedding activities, you have to go with practical undergarments that work. Remember that your bridal underwear is the foundation of your wedding outfit.

  • Choosing the Right Color

Bridal undergarments do not always have to be white or ivory. This depends on your dress; in most instances, nude underwear is the safer option because it can blend in with your skin tone and not show through your clothing.

  • Talk to An Expert

Low-back and V-neckline wedding dresses can give brides a bit of underwear hassle. If you’re having difficulty finding underwear that works, talk to those at your local lingerie store. They’ll have fabulous ideas to get you out of that bind.

  • Do A Test

You must ensure that the bridal underwear you’ve chosen works with your dress before the wedding. You don’t want undergarments that will restrict your movements after a while. So, experts advise trying it out with your wedding dress. For extra precaution, you can wear them for an entire day too. Remember to take your bridal underwear to all your fittings to ensure they still work after any alterations. Trying on your undergarments with your wedding dress might mean buying your undergarments soon after your get your dress. You’ll need it on your first fitting, after all.

  • Have Backup

No matter how much you plan, snafus could show up on the morning of your wedding. Having a second set of underwear handy is a good idea. Some brides also go for backups in different hues if they feel the first set doesn’t work for their pictures.

  • In Conclusion

Choosing the right bridal underwear is an essential part of your bridal shopping. It will affect how your dress looks and your feelings about yourself on your wedding day. Using the above tips when making your purchase will help you find the proper undergarments. Best of luck!


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