Christmas Wedding Décor

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We love Christmas weddings here at Blissfully Wedded. The magic, coziness, and excitement of the season are incredible. You and your guests will be in your best element, and the results will be magnificent.

A little festive décor can take your Christmas wedding to the next level! So, we’ll be sharing with you some great ideas that you’ll love. They include cheerful additions to your backdrops, tablescapes, and more to celebrate Christmas.
Keep reading for our lovely ideas on what to do with your Christmas wedding décor. 

  • Fun Signs

Something that includes the use of beautiful and lush green foliage will surely attract. Your guests will be reminded of Christmas parties and their magic with a welcome sign like this. You could also line your aisle with the same foliage for a truly magical Christmas wedding look.

  • Christmas Trees

They can be at the entrance of the venue or at the end of the aisle, but the results would be fantastic. Christmas trees will certainly add some magic to your wedding atmosphere. If you’re having an intimate ceremony, you can even have guests bring their gifts and leave them underneath.

  • Mistletoe

Mistletoe is fun, eye-catching, and romantic. So, what better place to use it than at your wedding? It’ll look festive, help you to fill empty spaces, and make for a fantastic backdrop. Your guests will love posing next to these. You could even cuddle up for a kiss under for good luck.

  • Use Wreaths

Wreaths are a lovely nod to Christmas at your wedding. They’ll exude a warmth that many other wedding décors cannot give. So, feel free to use some wreaths on doors and other spaces to celebrate the Christmas spirit at your event. You could even use it to decorate your getaway car and your sweetheart chair.

  • Mini Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Rather than have a floral centerpiece, how about using mini Christmas trees? They’d be unique, fun, and magical. Guests would enjoy every meal in good tidings and with the Christmas spirit. You could also add tall red tapered candles and lush green garlands for a lovely, festive-looking tablescape.

  • Christmas Escort Cards

Think of how delighted your guests would be to see their names attached to a Christmas tree? It’ll be a gorgeous display, and you can pair it with a luxury velvet red ribbon. Try to keep the name cards simple if you’re going with all of these for a nice balance.

  • Have A Fireplace

Nothing says Christmas like a beautifully decorated fireplace. So if you’re lucky enough to choose a wedding venue that has one, make use of it. It can make a wonderful backdrop for your Christmas wedding ceremony.


  • Christmas Wedding Cake Table

A great Christmas cake can be snow-white with greenery and red ribbons. To complete this look, decorate the wedding cake table with paper-cut snowflakes. The resulting effect would be magical and fun to look at.

  • Photobooth Props and Décor

Having a photobooth at your wedding is a great idea. For your Christmas wedding, you can include a festive backdrop that includes reindeers and Santa. Your photobooth props could also be Christmas-inspired. Reindeer ears are a fun favorite.

  • Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a wedding favorite. They look great in wedding pictures and improve the wedding atmosphere. They’ll also remind guests of the magic of a Christmas tree. So, feel free to use them to create a focal point above your tables. You could use branches also adorned with baubles.

  • In Conclusion

Your Christmas wedding décor just needs a bit of creativity and an open mind. You’ll come up with lovely ideas that will ensure that you have a great time. Feel free to incorporate any of the above ideas or suggest them to your wedding designer. We can’t wait to see the lovely results that you’d get!

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