How to Have A Glamorous Wedding on A Small Budget

by Esther Agyapong

One important detail about a glamorous wedding is that it has to look expensive. That’s the whole idea behind the glamorous! However, a small budget limits how much you can go for your wedding.

So, the issue then becomes how to make your wedding look like you spent a million bucks. According to experts, the key is to balance your wedding elements. You have to spend less while coming up with a celebration that looks like you spent more.

There are many simple ways to achieve a glamorous look on a budget. Here are some trusted tips from experienced experts. They share how to plan and shop for an expensive wedding on a small budget.

Use a White Palette

Using a white palette for your wedding is one simple way to get that expensive look. White is beautiful, clean, and glamorous. Using a white palette will bring a luxury feel to your event. Just think about it; there’s a reason why all-white parties are popular with the rich.

White is easy to pull off without spending too much for a wedding. You can get a lot of fancy white details for a great bargain. Once you have white as the primary color, splashes of other colors look brighter and more glamorous.

Picture using pure white tablecloths and white vases for your centerpieces. Whatever flowers you have in these vases would look amazing. You can easily spray paint your DIY containers white for a couple wanting to save even more.

White is a color that screams fancy, and using it right is an essential key to a glam wedding. So, make sure that you use lots of whites in your details.

Shop at Local Thrift Stores

Local thrift stores are a treasure trove for glamourous weddings on a budget. Brides on a budget can often find something luxurious for unbelievable prices. All you have to do is make up your mind to search.

However, you might have to go to more than one thrift store to bring together your wedding dream. So, list the stores available and what elements of your wedding you’ll need to shop for. You can then dedicate a day or two to this project and take your time to find the best.

Don’t be scared to ask for discounts at the thrift store too. The chances are that you can get your prices further reduced for multiple purchases. Make sure that the chosen items fit in with your glam wedding theme and wedding colors.

Use Metallic Accents

Metallics are another must-have color when it comes to glam weddings. They bring a touch of luxury and elegance that you cannot get elsewhere. Golds and silvers are colors that will always add magic to your event. Metallics are also really easy to create if you’re on a budget. Just gather your cans and jars and get metallic spray paint. You can also use metallics as your base color if you so wish. Combining the metallics with the whites above will give you the perfect glamorous wedding décor.

A Touch of Gold

You can’t go wrong with gold for a glamorous wedding. As mentioned, metallics go a long way for an enchanting wedding. We’ve, however, still dedicated a section to talking about gold because of how elegant and unique it is.

Gold adds a touch of class to your event and looks terrific in pictures too. So, if you’re trying to decide which metallic to use, our answer is to go for gold. It’ll look fabulous on that day and breathtaking in all your wedding pictures and videos.

Lots of Balloons

Balloons used the right way at your event can wow you. They are a simple and chic way to fill up the space at your event. Don’t have too many luxury décor details? Use balloons creatively, and no one will notice the difference.

Are you worried that your glamorous wedding will start to look like a kid’s party with balloons? With the right colors, it won’t. Simple palette colors like white and blush are always a great idea. Metallics and black can also add the perfect glamorous atmosphere to your wedding.  

Plan for An Unconventional Time

Are you Thinking of how to get that excellent wedding venue for a lower price? How about booking in advance and choosing an unconventional time like the winter? Winter is a beautiful time for glamorous weddings. Your metallics and white would work beautifully with the overall atmosphere.

Wedding venues always try to stay booked year-round. So, they’ll be happy to offer some discounts that could knock that fabulous wedding venue into your price range. All you have to do is pick a date. You could also plan a mid-week wedding to cut costs further.

In Conclusion

Creating a glamorous wedding on a small budget can be challenging. Some might also have to compromise on quality and end up having a celebration that looks tacky. Many couples start to give up and plan an elopement instead.

We, however, believe that with these tips and planning, you don’t have to fall into the above categories. You can create a beautiful, glamorous wedding on a small budget. Best of Luck!

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