Frozen Themed Wedding: An Incredible Easy Method That Works For All

How to Throw A Frozen Themed Wedding

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Winter is here and for our winter brides, we’re excited for your celebration. For those in the planning stages or who are thinking of a winter wedding next year, we’d love to help. We have lots of important tips and advice on our page asides this too so feel free to check them out.

Choosing a theme for your winter wedding can be a bit dicey. It can especially be hard if you don’t want to go with something boring and regular. Why not take inspiration from Disney’s Frozen and bring its magic to your day?

Your wedding theme affects a lot of things including your fashion, décor, food and even music. If you’re choosing to go with a Frozen Themed wedding, here are a couple of tips from us here at Blissfully Wedded on how to go about it.

  • Your Wedding Stationery

Welcome your guests to your magic wedding by starting with your invitations. You can then include your other wedding stationery like your programs and your menus. The best design to go with for this is something with snowflakes. Top things off with elegant scrollwork plus dreamy blue hues and you’ll be good to go.

  • Your Bridal Hairstyle

Yes, we’ll be taking inspiration from Elsa herself again for this one. So, your wedding hairstyle can be a gorgeous boho-chic fishtail braid. However, if the whole fishtail braid, doesn’t work for you, opt for just a subtle plaited section of your hair to go with the theme.

  • Your Wedding Dress

Well, you’ve seen the movie and you love it so this one will be easy. The more your wedding gown looks like Elsa’s dress, the better. So, when you go wedding dress shopping, keep that in mind. A pale blue dress would work perfectly if you’re choosing to go for something colored.

  • Your Wedding Shoes

For your Frozen Themed wedding, the best shoes are those that will glisten and sparkle. They’ll complement the beautiful wedding gown choice above and would look equally as great on any day you choose to wear them again afterward.

  • Your Wedding Venue

What is the perfect venue for a Frozen Themed wedding? Well if you ask us, the more castle-like it is, the better. Now we know that most brides won’t be able to get an ice castle-like in the movie. How about going for a ballroom venue or a mansion wedding venue if your budget allows? Close enough if you ask us.

  • Your Décor

Your wedding décor expert will be delighted to help you decorate your frozen themed wedding. Especially if you have it in the winter as the details you need will be in abundance. Go for lots of silver and other winter hues in your décor. It is sure to add an elegant, icy touch.

  • Your Wedding Food

Remember Olaf? Warm your guests up by including the snowman’s soup which is a mixture of hot chocolate, marshmallows and a candy cane for stirring. For your wedding cake, you can decorate with edible snowflakes and use the white frosting to create a snow effect.

  • In Conclusion

Planning a Winter wedding can be different but the results are very rewarding. If you choose to work with Frozen as your theme, then make sure you plan your details and décor right. By paying special attention to the above ideas and more, you can have the perfect winter wedding with Disney’s Frozen theme.


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