Maid of Honor Proposal

How to Ask Your Favorite Lady to Be Your Maid of Honor

by Esther Agyapong

Asking that special lady in your life to be your maid of honor is a beautiful experience. You do not need a wedding date first to do so. Some brides have asked their best friends soon after their engagement. If you’re ready to undertake your maid of honor proposal, you’ll love this post. We share ways that you can do that and make the moment unforgettable for you both. Here are some important ideas to explore and incorporate.

  • Ask Over Dinner and Drinks

Asking over dinner or drinks is a relaxed and fun way to ask your BFF to be your maid of honor. You can share a drink, make a toast to how special she is, and then officially ask. Some brides go the extra mile and get an engraved tumbler and customized wine bottle as keepsakes for the occasion.

  • Send Her A Box

A gift box is always a great addition to a maid of honor proposal. You can fill it with treats like chocolate, bath bombs, makeup bags, and even hair ties. Remember to include pretty confetti and colorful tissue paper. There are many of these online, or you can fill up your DIY version yourself.

  • Write A Letter

Writing a letter asking your friend to be your maid of honor is traditional. Include big words from your heart in your letter, and reflect on your happy memories. You can also talk about your excitement for your upcoming nuptials.

  • Jewelry Gift

Personalized jewelry is an excellent way to let your maid of honor know you value and cherish her. So, think of her favorite jewelry and then get that as part of the keepsakes from the moment. She’ll be happy to receive something thoughtful.

  • A Proposal Puzzle

A proposal puzzle is a fun way to ask your friend to be your maid of honor. It can come in the form of a jigsaw possible or a simple word game. Watch as your friend figures out the clues that ask her to be your maid of honor.

  • Host an Event for Your Entire Wedding Party

Hosting an event is a great way to go big on your maid of honor proposal. Ask everyone who will make up your wedding party to come together to celebrate. Then at the party, you can officially ask your friend to be your maid of honor. The groom can also use the opportunity to ask his best man.

  • Book A Spa Day

Make your proposal and experience by booking a fun spa day for you and your maid of honor. After some relaxing facials and massages, you can then pop the question. You can also have an at-home spa experience with face masks and foot soaks to do the same if you’re on a tight budget.

  • Send Flowers

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers? Make your maid of honor proposal more fun by doing a personal flower delivery and then popping the question. You could also have the flowers delivered with a handwritten note.

  • Take a Tour of the Wedding Venue

If you’ve already gotten to the stage of choosing your wedding venue, how about taking a tour? Show your maid of honor your vision for the venue and have a light lunch afterward. You can ask her to be your maid of honor during this lunch.

In Conclusion, Before you and your partner say your “I dos,” you must propose to your maid of honor. Asking someone to become your maid of honor is a special moment, and we hope the ideas here will make it a memorable occasion for you both. Best of luck!


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