The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Makeup

How To Choose The Best Wedding Makeup

by Esther Agyapong

Are you trying to decide how to look on one of the most important days in your life? Bridal makeup is undoubtedly one of the critical points to help you look spectacular on your wedding day. In addition to radiating happiness, good bridal makeup will also help you take advantage of your features by highlighting them to the fullest. Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing what makeup to wear on your special day. 

Your Wedding Time

Each bride has a unique taste and preference, and the venue for everyone’s celebration is also different. The venue is a crucial element in choosing bridal makeup, but sometimes this goes unnoticed and is often overlooked. 

Your bridal look will differ from a night wedding if your wedding is during the day. For a day wedding, Bridal makeup is less ornate and more natural, features are defined less intensely, and lighter shades are preferential. 

Stronger tones make slanted or smokey eyes look bold for a night wedding. The lip color should be more intense and make you stand out.

Also, remember that it is imperative to choose the makeup that matches your skin tone. Only then can you feel comfortable and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Your Wedding Fashion

Bridal stores offer more and more options for wedding dresses every day. So, you can choose your style according to your personality and wedding theme. You can also balance the simplicity of your bridal look with your makeup by choosing bridal makeup according to your wedding dress. 

For example, if you have chosen a dress with many details, you can compensate with simple and natural makeup. On the other hand, if you wear a light fabric dress with jewelry, you can give more prominence to your bridal makeup, highlighting the eyes or adding color to the lips.

  • Your Face

The shape of your face should also be an essential point to consider when choosing makeup for your wedding. Each type of face and feature requires different makeup, depending on whether you want to enhance or hide certain areas of your face. 

 The oval face is considered the perfect shape since any makeup suits this type. You can dabble with the most current makeup trends if you have an oval face. However, it is best to naturally highlight your beauty, brighten the nose and chin and enhance the cheekbones by using bronzing powder on the line that marks the cheek. 

If your face is triangular, the forehead and jaw are broad, and the chin more pointed, you should soften those features and use shadows and lights to hide the most prominent areas. When applying lipstick, do so with upward strokes, as this will help soften the face.

Square faces have a reasonably wide jaw and forehead. The eyes light up and take center stage, while the lips are made up in softer tones to hide the width of the jaw. It would be best if you tried to refine and soften the most prominent areas of the face.

Longer faces often have a thin chin. It would help if you tried to add width to your face by playing with shadows and lights. Also, using solid colors to make up the lips will help your lips appear wider.

In Conclusion

Bridal makeup is essential and affects how the bride feels on her wedding day. Do research, look for trends you like, and save photos for your big day. It is also crucial to work with professionals. 

Take a trial before the big day. Ask for recommendations, make an appointment, and do a preliminary test to see how your chosen makeup looks. Finally, do not forget that you must decide if you will put more emphasis on the mouth or the eyes since it is advisable to have a single point of attention. 

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