10 Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

by Esther Agyapong

Weddings can be expensive, so couples often look for ways to save on their honeymoon. Planning a budget-friendly honeymoon is possible. You can plan one without compromising on having a great experience. One of the ways to keep your honeymoon inexpensive is by avoiding peak season. There are also many other hacks; we’ll share some of the best in this post. Here are ten trusted ways that experts say can help you save on your honeymoon.

Avoid School Holidays

School holidays with good weather increase the demand for spaces by several percent. This applies to the locations you are traveling to and even the ones you are traveling from. You might have to hustle for flights with all those parents trying to take their kids abroad for vacation.

Travel Outside of Peak Season

Just like with school holidays, peak season will mean more demand. With this one, you have to look at where you are planning to go for your celebration. Please note that we are not saying you should travel somewhere in the winter to avoid peak season. Finding a sweet spot mid-season can be more friendly for your pocket.  

Watch Out for Big Events

If there’s a big event where you’re going for your honeymoon, the prices will be up. So will the cost of flights to and from the location. You’ll also find slight price increases in places like restaurants and bars. So, do some research on any significant events happening around the time of your wedding. They could be sports events, conventions, or music festivals.

Avoid Hard-to-Reach Locations

The more complex a place is to reach, the more expensive it could be. So, don’t think you can save money by going to an unheard-of place for your honeymoon. You might not even find transportation there and must wait for some days at someplace where you’ll still have to spend extra.

Check Local Costs

Your honeymoon involves more than accommodation and flight costs. You’ll also need to eat, drink, and explore entertainment options. It may not be worth the cost in countries where these are notoriously expensive, even when you get a bargain for your flight.

Avoid Last-Minute Bookings

Couples who book their flights way ahead of time tend to save more. Booking on days like Sundays also offers more savings than Fridays. Book international flights about four months before the date and domestic flights two months earlier for the best savings.

The Right Time of Year

Depending on when you book your travel, you can take advantage of sales, deals, and other great packages. For example, booking cruises around January to March could get you a fantastic bargain. Many companies also offer sales in the first few months of the year.

Use Tour Operator

Tour operators have access to great deals and will also save you a ton of planning. You could also get great advice on navigating when at your location. A tour operator will take the stress out of the equation, too.

Research Your Currency Exchange

Check the exchange rates where you are going so that you can know how to budget. While some debit cards work internationally, having cash handy is a good idea. Just remember to keep it safe and hidden.

Consider Unique Locations

Unique locations are different from the hard-to-reach locations mentioned above. Avoiding those luxurious, most Instagrammed celebrity locations can help you have a honeymoon that is nicer to your pockets. Many incredible places are cheap and won’t have you breaking the bank.



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