How to Handle Anxiety About Your Wedding Photos

by Esther Agyapong

Many people are camera-shy and become very self-conscious when they see a camera. However, anxiety about cameras is a new phenomenon with increased social media use. There are so many questionable standards of beauty online these days. Having this kind of anxiety towards your wedding photography is not weird. Wedding photos can affect your self-confidence. Many people also have subtle biases about how they expect brides and grooms to look.
If you dread the moment as you count down the days to your wedding, you should do something about it. Getting an understanding of wedding photography is a great start. Here are some more tips on handling anxiety about your wedding photos.

• Prioritize Your Wedding Day Feelings
Being clear about what your wedding means to you and your partner is essential. So have a conversation and decide how you want to feel that day. That way, you won’t worry about what other people and what people on social media think of your celebration.

• Have Limits
Some weddings are unplugged, and only the professional photographer is allowed to take pictures and videos. That way, the couple can be sure of what photos or videos of their special day get on social media. You don’t have to wait for the wedding ceremony; you can start this practice right from your bridal shower and bachelor’s eve.

• Avoid Social Media for The Day
No matter how tempted, you can avoid using social media on your wedding day. Some couples even go as far as avoiding it until they return from their honeymoon.

• Trust Your Photographer
After finding a photographer who understands your vision and what you need, trust them. Communicate what you want to be captured and how before your celebration. When it comes to the wedding day, however, let go and let them do their job. Micromanaging the situation will only make you feel worse and could lead to mistakes on their part.

• Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness teaches you to be present and enjoy the moment. Achieving this state at your wedding can help with anxiety. Take deep breaths, soak in the moment, and look around. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy yourself instead of worrying about expectations for the event. However, this is challenging at a moment’s notice, so start practicing early in advance. It would help if you found what mindfulness routines work best for you and how to incorporate them into your plans. You can also get your partner to join you.

• Focus on Love
Another way to reduce anxiety at your celebration is to focus on the love between you and your partner. Think back to when you first met and how far you’ve come. You can also keep little reminders of special moments with your partner with you. Whenever those anxious feelings rise, distract yourself by thinking of these memories. A reassuring squeeze from your partner can also help in moments like that, so let them know. Remember that the love between you and your partner matters most, no matter what social media and the world expect.

Feeling anxious about your wedding and the day’s photos can be harrowing. One way to overcome this is by reminding yourself what the day is about and focusing on your love. You can also limit what images of yourself get out by having an unplugged wedding.

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