5 Trending Wedding Colors For 2022

by Esther Agyapong

When it comes to arranging a wedding, there are many details to consider, such as the season and date of the event, the reception site, and the invitations. Before you start shopping for bridesmaid gowns, flowers, and wedding décor, decide on your wedding color palettes.

It is wise to start the wedding planning process by choosing your wedding colors first. Nothing is more motivating for brides and grooms than discovering new and exciting color schemes they can use as their wedding color.

Color is important in wedding décor, just as it is in interior design. Color can make or ruin your wedding day depending on how much, where, and how it is used. You don’t want to unwittingly ruin your happy occasion or create an unsettling mood for your visitors. On the other hand, you don’t want to undervalue the event by boring everyone. After all, no one wants their wedding day labeled as dull.

Pick your wedding color wisely:

Many variables go into creating the mood for your wedding. The location, season, and theme are important to consider, but the color palette of your wedding has a major role in the design of your bridal bouquets and invitations.

Finding your wedding colors might be difficult, but it is a vital part of wedding planning. A well-selected color palette may make all the difference in establishing a unified wedding design. Once you’ve chosen your colors, everything else will fall into place, from flowers and stationery to wedding party apparel and even the table linens.

Best wedding colors in 2022:

With the pandemic almost over, it is the right time to brighten up wedding planning with vivid colors that represent the inner you. Not only will these color palettes set the tone for the wedding, but they will also infuse warmth and enthusiasm into family and friends.

Here are five trending wedding colors for the year 2022:


If you’re a fan of rich, saturated reds, this is the year for you. Brides think a little darker than the bright red to make it more intimidating. As a result, Burgundy, and its offshoots such as oxblood, cabernet, and chianti are becoming more popular. Deep reds are stunning year-round, but they’re especially gorgeous for weddings in the autumn and winter.


Green is the color of choice for weddings in 2022, and with green, there is no limit to tone depth. Bridal bouquets and centerpieces may also benefit from lush greenery, which is both economical and versatile. Emerald, eucalyptus, hunter, olive, and sage tones are becoming popular additions to wedding color schemes for many couples.


Anything metallic, from champagne to copper to gold to silver to bronze to Rohan gold, is hot right now in 2022. Every wedding should be given a glimmer of glory, from the simplest to the most elaborate details. When it comes to weddings, metal tones can be easily incorporated into anything from the décor to the ribbon.


In 2022, oranges won’t be confined to autumn weddings, as the color is prominent throughout the year. When it comes to orange shades, deep tones are taking center stage. Beautiful hues like terracotta, rust, and burnt orange may be paired with a variety of different colors. Also, terracotta and cinnamon tones may be accents in various wedding color schemes.


The blue tones will also be popular in 2022; like greens, there is a wide range of pigments. Traditional blues like navy and dusty blue may make a wedding seem more intimate. On the other hand, brighter shades of teal and turquoise may provide surprising splashes of color on their own or in combination with other colors of the same family.

In conclusion

If you are a bride planning your wedding this season, don’t hesitate to pick of these beautiful trending colors which will help set the tone for your wedding.

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