Décor tips to customize your wedding venue

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In most cases, the location accounts for around half of a couple’s total wedding spending and good reason. The wedding venues serve as the backdrop for the weddings, and couples want their venue to be perfect. In the race of offering wedding venues where every vendor has almost the same things, it is time to customize a wedding venue for the big day.

Whether it is a church, a ballroom, or an open field, it may all be customized and personalized for a wedding ceremony. Here are a few impressive ways for wedding vendors to make a venue stand out:

· Use draping to add flairs in wedding venue

Draping may be used in a variety of styles, from rustic to opulent. The use of creative draping during a wedding ceremony or reception may make a huge difference. Using a variety of materials is helpful to create different effects, such as:

  • A net draping with silk lining for a romantic feel
  • Rustic linen covered with a chiffon overlay to create depth and complexity

Table linens and seasonal trends may also be brought together with the aid of this method. For example, heavy velvet is ideal for a winter wedding since it creates the appearance of warmth.

· Structural variations

The addition of structures may give depth and flair to a space. These are helpful to create an intimate and private environment for wedding guests. It is also a good idea to finish the trussing with wood or cloth since it is weight-bearing. Chandeliers, flower arrangements, and cloth may be hung from the ceiling, and hanging candles can also add a mesmerizing effect.

· Use mirrors for a wider impact

The depth and refinement that mirrors offer to a room are unmatched. Many wedding designers love to add mirrors to provide a variety of different effects in a room. Adding mirrors in different shapes and sizes helps bring a genuine touch to a wedding décor since they reflect images and light, flowers, colors, and candles.

· String lights or fireflies in your wedding venue

When it comes to a wedding, lighting is a must-have. To create a romantic ambiance, try hanging string lights from the ceiling of your reception hall. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, consider draping fairy lights among the branches and trees. String lights may be used with tea lights, neon signs, or votive candles to create an inviting ambiance in the reception ceremony.

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