Thinking of First Anniversary Gifts?

Here are Some Great Options to Keep in Mind

by Esther Agyapong

Here at Blissfully Wedded, first-year anniversaries are such a big deal. It’s a testament to the beautiful love you shared and celebrated at your wedding. You survived 365 days as a married couple, and we’re so proud of you. So, while some think first anniversaries aren’t a big deal, celebrate the moment. Why? We’re glad you asked. The discussion below shares why your first anniversary is significant. We also share some great first-wedding anniversary gifts you can use to celebrate.

Why Celebrating Your First Anniversary Is Important
First-year anniversaries are a significant milestone. You’ve spent one year out of a lifetime with your partner successfully. You deserve to acknowledge and celebrate that; an anniversary is a great time to reconnect as a couple. So, did something funny happen at your wedding? Chances are that you were too nervous to laugh about it then. The heightened emotions immediately after made it impossible to. Hence, your anniversary is the time to look back on such moments and laugh about it. Your first anniversary is also a time to reflect and make plans. It’s a one-of-a-kind celebration and could set the tone for how you both celebrate. So, don’t listen to the naysayers, and ensure you commemorate this special day.

First Anniversary Wedding Gift Options
The traditional wedding gift for the first anniversary is one made from paper. Paper gifts are kind and thoughtful as most couples could still be recovering from their wedding costs. Paper gifts also remind couples that their new marriage is like a blank sheet that is still fragile. Here are some tremendous paper-themed first-wedding anniversary gifts that couples love. You can get one or two to celebrate your first year.

A Personalized Anniversary Journal
A journal is a perfect way to mark your first anniversary. It also can show that you are looking ahead to many anniversaries. A journal with writing prompts and spaces to attach your favorite photos is a fabulous idea.

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A Personalized Wedding Portrait
You and your partner look great together and can show it with a portrait. A hand-drawn custom portrait is a great wedding anniversary gift. There are many sites where you can commission an artist to do this in time for your celebration. You can even include your pets if you have any. Websites like Davinci can help you achieve this.


A Print of Your Wedding Vows
If you had personalized vows at your ceremony, how about getting them printed? They can be made into a heartwarming art piece to show that you both still mean every word. All you have to do is choose a design, color, and frame to have it made. Visit Etsy and choose your pick from a  wide range of designs.

An Origami Wall Clock
While the traditional first-anniversary gift is paper, its modern counterpart is a clock. An origami wall clock is perfect for getting the best of both worlds. You’ll love this clock’s minimalist, delicate look but make no mistake; it is still durable. It’s a modern piece that will beautify your home. Amazon has a wide selection of origami wall clocks that will suit any aesthetic.

A Cookbook
A cookbook is a practical gift that you’ll enjoy using. A cookbook is a fantastic anniversary gift if you and your partner love to spend date night indoors. You’ll have many recipes to whip up to make your nights more memorable.

An Intimacy Card Deck
There are lots of intimacy card decks that make for a great first wedding anniversary gift. You can choose from decks that have relationship questions, personal ones, or even raunchy sexual ones. They’ll help to strengthen your connection and keep you laughing and talking all night long.

In Conclusion
First anniversaries are special moments that should be celebrated. If you’re considering keeping to the traditional paper theme, you’ll find some great options. Remember that tickets to your favorite play, show, or music concert also count. After all, it’s about putting a smile on both your faces.

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