10 Ideas for Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

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Contrary to popular opinion, winter can be an excellent season for weddings. Christmas weddings are even better! The temperature notwithstanding, the landscape looks impressive, and you can have a Christmas wonderland party.

This won’t quite feel right in any other season. Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on a Christmas wedding, you already know all the reasons why it’s perfect for you.

You’ll also want to make sure your wedding décor is perfectly coordinated with the season outside. Décor is one of the ways that you’ll make your wedding a memorable event, and we love to see excellent Christmas décor at weddings. Here are some great Christmas centerpiece ideas for your wedding.

  • Evergreen, Pinecone, Candles Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

A Christmas wedding centerpiece that features evergreens, pinecones, and candles would be stunning. Pair this with a great design and some personalization, and you’ll get incredible results. Make sure some elements are repeated for uniformity, and you’ll have a great Christmas wedding centerpiece.



  • Greenery and Candle Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

Candles will always be a lovely addition to a Christmas wedding. If it’s real, it could help with creating warmth at the tables too. For a modern touch, you could alternate designs and also use glass containers. You could even pair this Christmas wedding centerpiece idea with your table numbers to create a warm and inviting look.


  • Greenery Garland Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

Introduce nature into your wedding by making use of greenery in your centerpiece. It is readily available during Christmas, and you could use garlands too, just like for Christmas. Thistles, ferns, and candles are a great idea. You could also pair this with navy blue tablecloths for a great contrast. This Christmas wedding centerpiece idea not only looks great, but it’s budget-friendly too.

  • Classic Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

Blush is always a great idea at Christmas weddings for couples who don’t want to go with a bold red. So, feel free to use pink roses as part of your wedding centerpiece to create this feel. Roses are always in season, so your florist won’t be going out of their way. They’d also look fabulous against the white of a Christmas wonderland wedding. It’s a Christmas wedding centerpiece classic.

  • Amaryllis and Kumquat Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

Speaking of using flowers in season, say hello to the Amaryllis. The lovely winter flower would be in season and would look great as part of your centerpiece. When combined with kumquats which are a winter season fruit, the result is stunning. You get elegance, texture, and beautiful contrast.

  • Plaid Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

Plaid is a great way to add color and life to your Christmas wedding. You can do the same for your centerpieces. Have them framed by a lovely plaid table runner to keep things lively. You can use in-season winter flowers and even add candles to complete the look.


  • White Orchids, Garden Roses and Hydrangeas

A centerpiece with white orchids, garden roses, and hydrangeas would transform your wedding into a Christmas wonderland. The look would be dreamy, magical, and glamorous. You and your guests would love it.

  • Hydrangeas, Pinecones, and Red Berries

The red berries in this pair are our favorites because they bring the much-needed Christmas red to your wedding. They’ll give a lovely festive look when paired with hydrangeas. You can also add pinecones with branches for great results.

  • White Lanterns

White lanterns are a great way to add a rustic touch to your celebrations. You can surround them with in-season white flowers to bring the Christmas look. A garland of greenery will also do the same.

  • Garden Table Runner

Last but not least is a modern and unique winter garden centerpiece that is sure to blow minds at your celebration. You can make a table runner of blooms grouped and lined along the center of the table. This is an excellent idea if you have long tables at your wedding. You can also add candles for the perfect look.


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