Looking For An Engagement Shoot Location?

7 Things to Look Out for In an Engagement Photoshoot Location

by Esther Agyapong

Congrats on your engagement! How many people have you shared the happy news with yet? We love weddings here at Blissfully Wedded, and engagements are the stepping stone to that. We’re so excited you and the love of your life have made things official.

One crucial detail that wedding couples overlook is capturing their engagement photos. You can’t just choose to have them captured anywhere. These pictures have critical uses, and the moment is an excellent opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer.

If you’re having an engagement photoshoot, chances are that your photographer will offer some options. Choosing can be challenging if you do not know what criteria to check. Here are seven things to consider when choosing an engagement session location.

Time of Day Is Important

Lighting is an integral part of your wedding photography. So, when you look at a picture of a potential venue that you like, try to determine what time of the day it is. A place that looks magical at sunset could look very different at noon.

So Is the Season

Another thing to also pay attention to is the season. If you love a garden location because of how the leaves look in the fall, you might get a completely different look in the summer. Some places that look great in the winter could also have a different aura during a fall engagement photoshoot. Some locations can also change according to the season.

Choose A Location That Suits You

Are you a couple that loves the outdoors? Then go for somewhere with lots of beautiful outdoor structures for your photos. You’ll be able to be your true self and get incredible pictures that way. An in-home session could also look amazing if the indoors is what you like. All you have to do is develop the right concept and plan with your photographer.

The Right Clothing

When choosing an engagement session location, you should ensure you have or can get the clothes to complement it. For example, you would look very out of place wearing a business suit for a beach session. Your photos will also look great if your dress matches the season. This could be something like wellies and jackets for the fall. Or something romantic and warm for the winter. As long as it also fits the vibe of your location and your colors complement each other, you’ll be good to go.

Your Location Should Fit Your Needs

Make sure that your location not only allows pets but is pet friendly. For example, couples with a dog might want to choose a venue that isn’t heavy in dog traffic. This is especially important for couples who wish to include their pet in the photos. It could also help if you have a family member around to help with your pet for the pictures that don’t include them.

Choose A Picturesque Venue

People often advise couples to use a venue that has meaning to them for their engagement photoshoot. While this is okay, it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can choose a location solely because you love the place and the lighting. It will become meaningful once you have your engagement session there.

Be Aware of Their Policies

Getting a permit to do your engagement shoot at a location is usually straightforward. The problem often lies in what’s written in the tiny print. So, make sure you know every policy that there is to know about your location. For example, a good location will allow you to reschedule if necessary. This could come in handy if the day turns out to be rainy. Remember to find out if your photographer is also fine with rescheduling, or you might have to get creative indoors.

In Conclusion

You could use your engagement photos to announce your engagement officially. They could also feature in your wedding day slideshow and even your décor—where you have your photoshoot matters. The above tips are essential when trying to pick a location. So, feel free to apply them as you review your available options. Best of luck!!!

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