How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer

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Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is important. They’ll be with you for almost the entirety of your wedding day. At the very least, they should be someone you really like. Below, we share with you important tips on how to choose a photographer for your wedding.

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  • Research

The first step towards choosing a wedding photographer is carrying out proper research. This means getting on your laptop or phone and checking for ideas. For a start, you need to know what kind of wedding photography works for you.

It is also important to know the average prices to help create the right wedding photography budget. So, get on apps like Pinterest and create a mood board for your wedding photography if possible.

There you can add wedding pictures, concepts, and ideas that appeal to you. This way, it is easier to refer back to them when you move to the next step and actually start checking out photographers.

  • Check for Their Style

Once you know what you want for your wedding photography, it’s time to look at the photographers themselves. You need to get an overall sense of their photography style and see if that works for you.

To help with that, take a look at their website and social media. There you’ll see pictures of weddings and couples that they’ve captured. You’ll be able to see immediately if they are the right fit for your wedding photography vision or not.

  • Browse Their Portfolio

Once you’ve completed a general look, it’s time to be more specific with your wedding photographer. This is the point where you take a look at their wedding portfolio. If possible, find their pictures of a wedding close to what you intend to throw.

For example, if you want a beach wedding, then look at the photographs of beach weddings your photographer has handled. It will give you a better idea of how they’ll handle your wedding too. Things to look out for include lighting, angles, and quality.


  • Vet the Reviews

Once you’ve found a wedding photographer whose style matches your needs, it’s time to check their work ethic. This you can see by looking at their reviews. They’ll most likely have these on their website, but you could also check their social media and other third-party sites. Too many negative reviews is a red flag and might mean you need to work with someone else. It is also advisable to read what the clients are saying. Do this even for the positive reviews to understand what to expect.

  • Reach Out and Set Up A Meeting

After confirming that people like working with your potential photographer, the next step is to meet them yourself. To do this, you could set up an initial consultation on their website. This could even be an online meeting.

At this meeting, ask whatever questions you might have and watch how they answer them. This is your chance to get to know if you’re a great fit and will enjoy working with them.

You can also discuss whatever wedding packages they have available and your expectations.

  • Hire Them

If you find a wedding photographer who passes all of the above criteria and you like them, then go ahead and hire them. Great wedding photographers are usually high in demand. You want to make sure that you keep them available for your wedding. So, have yours draw up a contract, hash out the fine details and then go ahead and hire them. Don’t forget to make sure that you are familiar with the package you’ve chosen and the contract too.

  • In Conclusion

Choosing the right wedding photographer is vital for the success of your wedding. They’ll help you document and preserve your wedding memories for the future. You can only achieve this if you work with the right photographer. Best of luck!!

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