Getting Ready With Your Squad

A Guide for Brides and Bridesmaids

by Esther Agyapong

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding day? We are! Being a bride is a beautiful experience, especially when you have your ladies with you to share and experience this special day. When your wedding day comes, one of the things you’ll have to navigate is getting ready with your ladies. Do you know where to start?

One thing we always advise our brides to do is make sure they are relaxed. Do not let anything or anyone put you under pressure. No matter how stressed out you are, ensure you get a great night’s sleep, and when you wake up, be prepared to have fun.

Your getting ready moment will be one of the special memories you will have about your wedding day. You’ll remember the good old times with your ladies, share stories and even get some last-minute advice. Here’s a guide to help you effectively manage this as you prepare for the biggest day of your life.

  • Dress Comfy

While you want to look great in your getting-ready photos, you must be practical about your outfit choice. The right choice is something comfortable that will not mess with your hair and makeup, like a robe that is easy to put on and take off. 

The best part about these robes is that you can color-coordinate them with your bridesmaids to look fabulous in your pictures. They also make a wonderful wedding day gift that your bridesmaids can still use after your wedding. 

  • Set Enough Time For Hair and Makeup

Sometimes, brides forget that their hair and makeup artists might work on more than just them. If you’ve booked the makeup artist for all your ladies, ensure you set aside enough time for everyone. That might mean having to wake up an hour or two earlier. You’ll also need to coordinate with your wedding photographer.

If you are doing your makeup yourself, practice your look before that day. It’ll help you get great results quickly. You don’t want to have something in mind and discover it looks different on your face when done.

  • Wedding Day Gifts

Apart from the robes we mentioned earlier, some brides present a thank-you gift to their bridesmaids on that day. It is a gesture that shows your appreciation to your bridesmaids. Sometimes, bridesmaids might also have a little surprise for the bride to make her feel extra special.

  • Toasts to The Special Day

These will not only make for a lovely photographic moment; they’ll help you relax too. So, by all means, get out the glasses and pop that champagne with your ladies. It’s the perfect way to start your celebration. Having some snacks on hand could also be a great idea but try to avoid something too heavy.

  • Time to Get Dressed

Finally, it’ll be time for the bride to wear her wedding dress and reveal her final look. She’ll need the help of her ladies for this, of course. It’s not a job for one person. This emotional moment is so beautiful and memorable. Your wedding photographer will also want to capture it to preserve it, so be ready.

  • Have Fun

Whether a bridesmaid or the bride, getting ready on a wedding day is a memorable experience. Be prepared to have fun, live in the moment, dance, drink, and share hugs. Your celebration is just starting, and it will be a ride.

In Conclusion

Getting ready with your ladies on your wedding day is such a beautiful experience. It is one of the special moments you will always cherish at your wedding. We hope this guide reminds you to enjoy the moment and have a great time. Best of luck!

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